In Memory Of…

It would feel out of place not to explore feelings we have felt from around the time of our last recording. Emotions that have followed right up until the time of posting and beyond are in memory of a friend to both of us. Alex, an illuminating person who had touched many lives sadly passed away after suffering a short battle with Meningitis. His energy was always felt at every event in Leeds, and although I didn’t agree on with everything him I still always gave him the time of day and saw a wonderful person, always.

It was a shock, and one that I experienced from so far away now living in London. And it is this shock, this instantaneous happening that is difficult to process. But with the surrounding love that clung to one another it is hard not to be touched and healed. My memories of him are always high spirited ones, in dank dingy West Yorkshire basements at various afters, at Outlaw’s coursing through a Bloody Mary and by the sun drenched shores of Croatia. I will give tribute in the best way I know how, and in the most appropriate way – through music.

Pink Sugar Mouse @ Outlaws Yacht Club, 24-01

When we sat down to talk about Pink Sugar Mouse, we decided that we wanted to keep complete openness to what we play, to track list in depth, and to explore better ways to connect with those placing music in our hands, whether by immediate friends, or through our purchases, Bandcamp, vinyl or otherwise. I do not believe in hording music for achieving a somewhat ‘collector’ status.

We are here to take steps forward in creating links. And what I would like to do is take five records from this list and talk a little more about them for those who are interested, there is plenty of further listening involved, and this one was quite broad.

Below is our track list for 24-01. I want to be able to retrace a few from the selection in the next few days, things that I can share further.


Pev – Gather

Klotho – Essentia 

Burago – MOCKBA

Rhythm + Sound – Trace

Guys Call Me Dude – Relaxing

Tryst – Spirals

Ploy – Zoom

Lemmi Ash – Theme

Yugen Disciple – First Sighting

Karamika – Ton 2.2

Delicate Features – Nude

upsammy – Between the Stone

The Horrors – I Can’t Control Myself

Simon Fisher Turner – Shishapagma

John T Gast – Celtfunk

Pan Sonic – Lomittain

Darren Almond – All Things Pass (Part II)

Morgan Buckley – Innercity Hum

Robert Lippok – nycycle

Androo – On Time (Long Mix)

Slack Jaw – Peenie Wallie

Art Feynman – Two Minor

Craig Batley – 99.9% (Andrew Weatherall’s 100% Mix)

Tom of England – Neon Green

HudMo – Speed Stick

Namma – Reincarnate

Parris – 2 Vultures (ft. O$VMV$M)

Jaki Liebezeit + Burnt Friedman – 105-14

Pheeroan Aklaff – 3 in 1

Black Star Liner – Killah Connection

Pulsinger + IRL – Retrieval 

Hobby Horse – Cascade (Future Rework by Two Thou + Afrikan Sciences)

Jeri Jeri w/ Mbene Diatta Seck – Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh

Slug Beetle – Clones

HudMo – Still on It

Shabaka Hutchings + Kojey Radical – No Gangster

Cando – Reef

BOA – Mosca’s Constricted Version

Confidence Man – Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall’s Mix)

Pussy Mothers – Echo Party

Curses – Without Pain

Nirosta Steel – So Unusual

Naduva – Ze Hazman

Antonio Sanchez – The Anxious Battle for Sanity (Birdman Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance OST)

Harmonious Thelonious – Apapaka

Golden Bug – Wild Boys

Hieroglyphic Being – Awake and Energize

Pink Lunch – Inamorata

Oceanic Parallel – Lines of Stripes

NVST – Police Star Pablo

Timothy J Fairplay – Going Solo

Benoit B – Global Go

Powder – Random Ladder With 40

Kelly Lee Owens – More Than a Woman

FKA Twigs – Weak Spot

DJ Sotofett – 日本行脚スペシャル (Rugged Dub)

Boot and Tax – Brace Brace

Jorg Kuning – Bongaeu (Unreleased), but he has a great record out on Bakk Heia Records ‎– BH002

Jam City – Magic Drops

A$AP Rocky and Twigs – FUKKSLEEP

White Car – No Better

Naduve – Pakana Tana

The Loose Control Band Presents DJ Spun Vs. Spacetime Continuum ‎– Live! “Bootleg”

Depeche Mode – World in my Eyes

Spacemen 3 – Amen

Coki – Dry Cry

Luke Envoy – Feel Red

Rex Illusivi – Facedance

Barnt – Geffen (Phillip Gorbachev)

Lord of the Isles – Ultraviolet

Bullion – Heartrunner

Arthur Russell – Being It

Charlie Fox – Down Hail