Daniel Kitson – After the Beginning, Before the End.

Notes on ‘Aerated’ (PEACH009)

Loz ere 🙂 With the release of my new record on Peach Discs, I wanted to share some thoughts and reflections which I put together for Shanti and Gramrscy in mid-January. A slightly abridged version ended up being used for the press release, which some of you may have spotted around. Full text as follows, however, for those interested:

“In the last few years, I’ve found myself trying to refine a sense of movement in my music, through exploring the spaces between cohesion and dissonance. This tension is super captivating to me and brings to mind various frictions found all throughout life. 

More generally – and with less art-school spin – this record captures my attempts to engage more fully with melody. This is something I’ve often overlooked in the past, as both a producer and DJ. Thanks to some gentle (and welcome) nudges from friends and peers, I’ve tried to add more splashes of colour to both avenues and allow myself to embrace emotions beyond pure dread. This isn’t something that comes easily to me yet, as someone socialised ‘male’, so my eternal gratitude goes to those who have lent me their patience and encouragement here! It seems no coincidence to me that a broader spectrum of emotion has emerged in my music as I have also engaged more fully in exploring my gender identity.

This record can also be seen as an extension of my long obsession with dub as an artform and musical philosophy. Though most explicit in ‘SMP’ – inspired by hearing two local soundsystems, Zulu Swarm and Iration Steppas, and with dub siren borrowed from Cornerstone Hi-Fi – my production technique generally relies heavily on pushing sound in different directions through effects. The infinite possibilities and joy of unfurling and excavating textures in this way will forever remain an inspiration; the dub virus analogy is no lie…

Written over the course of two years, it’s hard not to reflect upon ‘Aerated’ as a snapshot of that time, and how it has affected me both as a person and artist. With some distance, I hope I will come to accept and embrace it, flaws and all :)”