In Memory Of…

It would feel out of place not to explore feelings we have felt from around the time of our last recording. Emotions that have followed right up until the time of posting and beyond are in memory of a friend to both of us. Alex, an illuminating person who had touched many lives sadly passed away after suffering a short battle with Meningitis. His energy was always felt at every event in Leeds, and although I didn’t agree on with everything him I still always gave him the time of day and saw a wonderful person, always.

It was a shock, and one that I experienced from so far away now living in London. And it is this shock, this instantaneous happening that is difficult to process. But with the surrounding love that clung to one another it is hard not to be touched and healed. My memories of him are always high spirited ones, in dank dingy West Yorkshire basements at various afters, at Outlaw’s coursing through a Bloody Mary and by the sun drenched shores of Croatia. I will give tribute in the best way I know how, and in the most appropriate way – through music.

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